In addition to the rigid quality controls of manufacturing, the feature that sets
the Anderson AM15 Rifles apart from the masses is the proprietary RF85
treatment allowing Anderson weapon systems to operate efficiently without
“Wet” lubricant. In a coefficient friction test performed by Oak Ridge National
Laboratory, the reduction of friction on all steel surfaces was reduced by 85%
— without traditional “wet” lubricant, hence the name RF85. An RF-85 treated
weapon cycles faster and more reliably, operates at cool er temperatures,
experiences significantly less wear and, without traditional “WET” lubricant,
doesn’t experience failures due to excess dirt and carbon fouling in the action.
In the video, which was made at
 Oak Ridge National Laboratories, 
the untreated rifle took 23% longer 
to cycle than the RF85 treated
rifle during testing. Oil attracts dirt,
sand, grit and other harmful
particles. By using the RF85
treatment not only will the gun
operate almost a quarter
precent faster but will also last 
longer due to less drag and wear.
And accumulation of harmful 
elements is greatly reduced.
Download Test Results
(1.62 MG)
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